Categories for Brick Pavers and Concrete Power Washing Services

Pro-Active Outdoors specializes in making your Brick Pavers and Concrete walkways looks like new again! Utilizing the best tools and the right applications to make your patio or sidewalk look as good as the day it was built. – Give us a call today!


Sealing your Brick Pavers

We use our high volume power washers to remove weeds, grass, dirt, stains, and mold that can grow throughout the spaces. The pavers will look like the day they were installed. We finish with new sand and a sealant to protect from future damage from weather.


Power Washing Concrete Sidewalks and Patios

Concrete is durable and long lasting and can look great as part of your outdoor space. Although homeowners may expect concrete to require little maintenance, this is actually not the case. Concrete should be cleaned and sealed just like any other surface that is exposed to the weather. Sealers can protect the concrete from UV sunlight, and are resistant to dirt/grime, oil, grease, acid, fertilizer and rust stains, sprinkler water residue and mildew, as well as stains from other organic matter. If concrete is not sealed properly, this can cause water to penetrate over time and cause cracks. Freezing and thawing of the water through the cracks eventually causes breaks in the surface, leading to costly repairs. Give our team a call and we will explain the best options to maintain your concrete surface and make it look like new.


Power Washing Brick Pavers

Brick are washed to remove grime, mold, loose mortar and any weeds or moss growing between. When the bricks are dry, we return the second day and refill the levels between the bricks with sand and seal with Diamond Clear. The sealer solidifies the sand and puts a nice shine on the bricks, bringing out their color.

Weed and Erosion

If your bricks are completely overgrown with weeds, you may want to spray your bricks with weed killer several days before we come to wash. The weed killer will kill the plant down to the roots, and our power washers will have a greater success of liberating the plants from your bricks.