Categories for Deck Restoration and Deck Power Washing Services

Pro-Active Outdoors specializes in complete deck care and restorations. We take the time to understand your deck and its previous care to determine the best plan for restoration. Our knowledgeable team will use the best tools and the right applications to make your deck look as good as the day it was built. – Give us a call today!


Painted Deck Restoration: A Couple of Options

Paint cannot be completely power washed off a deck. If you have a painted deck you have two options; wash and repaint, or sand it off.

If you try and remove paint with a power washer you will gouge the wood. The power washer would have to become a chisel to dig off the paint. You may remove some paint, but you will have several areas which will dry and crack later. When you repaint, the surface is not ideal.This is a quick fix and sometimes may be the only answer due to budget. The cost for option A is our power washing fee, and painting is quoted per job.

The flat portion of your deck is the area that cannot handle paint and the rail system can hold paint for up to seven years. Therefore your rail system will hold paint for up to seven years. Therefore, we recommend that you sand your floor clean and wash the rails. We will seal your floor with TWP, leaving you a great looking wood floor. We will also paint your rails with the accent color of your choice.


Wood Deck Restoration: Washing, Sanding, Sealing, and Maintenance

Understanding the nature of your cedar deck, can ensure a long lasting and beautiful color.

New cedar decks are coated with a mill glaze that must be removed for the sealer to soak in evenly. Our chemicals aid in removing the glaze. A light chemical is spayed through our injectors which softens the mill glaze and comes off as a pulp. If you are home you will witness that we and everything around are covered in it. There is a lot of extra time spent in cleaning the surrounding areas as well.

After the first wash, the cedar takes the seal very well. You may want to repeat the process a second time after only one year. The second cycle will continue to open the grain, allowing the sealer to penetrate deeper into the wood, holding the color and seal longer. After that, maintenance of every 2-3 years will keep your deck looking great! Our team is ready to help you keep your cedar looking great for many years to come.


Nature Friendly Chemical Deck Cleaning Services

We use an Alkaline based cleaner to aid in removing dirt, mold and most semi-transparent sealers.

The chemical will not harm plants or animals. Chemicals are recommended over just hitting your deck hard with high powered water. We are able to turn our pressure downs, providing a softer, more brilliant clean on your deck.


Sun and Shade Damage – Restoration

Over time, the sun deteriotes the look your deck and the quality of the wood. Pro-Active Outdoors wil bring your deck back to life! We recommend a sealant to protect the wood from the harsh enviroment.

The shade can also be a cuplrit! Uneven wearing occurs when shade protects small areas of your deck. When this occurs you will have a small patch of stong sealer still in place. Simple washing will not remove these areas, however proper treatment can fix the problem.

Let our team of professionals, get your deck to wear evenly and protect it for many years to come.


Power Washing Decks

It is not uncommon for a home-owner to own a power washer: so what can a commercial power washer provide differently?

Our power washers put out five gallons of water per minute. Most home purchased or rented machines are are smaller and put out up to 2.5 gallons per minute and shoot more air than water. You can do a lot of damage to your wood deck without the right equipment. Making your deck look new takes experience and the right tools. Our profesionals will ask you questions about your deck and its care over the years to determine the bes course of action.


Deck Sanding – Restoration

Sanding is recomended for damaged, splintered or painted decks

Many homeowners have powerwashed their decks for years, leaving deep creases, ridges, or splinters. Sanding the flat surface of the wood will bring an old problem deck back to new life.

Paint, solid colored stains and many other products are difficult or impossible to remove with chemicals. Sanding is usually the best solution for these problems. We can sand the floor down to new wood wood reviving the life of the deck.