Categories for Home Exterior Power Washing Services

Pro-Active Outdoors specializes in making your home shine! We take the time to understand your home and its previous care to come up with the best plan for making it look like new again. With the best tools and the right applications your home will soon be the envy of the neighborhood. Call us today!


Power Washing Outdoor Furniture and Structures

Pro-Active Outdoors has the proper tools to power wash your outdoor equipment from any location! All we need is a nearby water supply. Do you have several pieces of patio furniture, built-in outdoor grills, or pavilions that you want to look like new? Perhaps you have a family reunion and you want to prepare your outdoor space?

Our professionals will take special care of each piece and determine the best solution for the proper care from vinyl furniture, to cedar, teak and more. Our team is experienced in all material types. Give us a call for your individual quote.


Power Washing Fencing

We use an Alkaline based cleaner to aid in removing dirt, mold and most semi-transparent sealers.

The chemical will not harm plants or animals. Chemicals are recommended over just hitting your fence hard with high powered water. We are able to turn our pressure downs, providing a softer, more brilliant clean on your fencing.


Power Washing Wood Siding

Power washing and restoring the look of your home should be handled by a professional. Weather your home is sided with cedar logs, shake or boards, we use proper techniques to ensure proper care and results. We work with our customers to provide the quality look you desire from custom transparent stains to solid stains.


Power Washing Vinyl Siding

Washing your home will remove dust, dirt, and mold. Your home will shine when we are done!

Vinyl sided homes have small vents that run along the bottom of each sheet. Dust accumulates through these vents and causes build up behind the sheets. During the cleaning, water may go into the vents and dirt may drip. Our professionals give light rinses after the wash to rinse them away. However, your home may drip for hours after we leave. If you have some colored drippings, you can wipe it off with paper towel, rise it with a garden hose, or let it be and the next rain will take care of it.